Best Las Vegas Buffets with a 24-hour or all-day buffet pass


If you want to enjoy the best buffets in the world Las Vegas is the place to be.  Here you can find some of the best all you can eat restaurant which also provide 24 hour passes to allow you to indulge in all the food you can possibly enjoy.    

2015 Updates on the 24-hour buffet pass and its participating buffets (is it worth it?):  go to this page

If you want the gastronomic experience of a lifetime Las Vegas is the place to be, especially if you want it all at affordable prices.  The buffet experience is absolutely a must in Vegas.  If you want to sit for a while and enjoy all the good food you can eat, the best Vegas buffets will meet your expectation and, at the end of the experience, you will walk away a very ‘happy’ person!


Amongst the most recent trends you’ll have probably either experienced or heard of are the buffet passes.  These passes are either valid 24 hours or valid one day; they cost more than the price of one buffet of course but they cost less than the price of eating three full meals a day.  If you decide that you want to experience this Las Vegas gluttonous event, it is advisable that you choose the buffets carefully, in order to maximize your food enjoyment and overall experience. 


For clarity purposes, I think it’s important to distinguish between two types of buffet passes, namely the 24-hour one and the all-day one.  The all-day buffet pass is usually given by one buffet and it applies only to that particular buffet.  The 24-hour buffet pass gives you access to all the participating buffets. 


The best Vegas buffets which participate in the 24 hour buffet pass bonanza are: 


The Paris Vegas resort:  A great buffet, although the food here is somewhat heavy (it’s the only buffet where, after a large meal, I have to take enzyme pills to digest); despite some changes, they still offer a great selection which do include some delightful French clichés such as the fabulous quiche, several seafood soups (if you are lucky you will also find lobster soup), a mountain of great cheeses (including the absolutely delicious brie), a really good salad section and of course all the best dishes you expect in a top Vegas buffet. 


The Rio (Vegas) resort: in the last 2 years the quality of the food presented may have diminished, but it’s still a very large buffet offering a great selection of dishes, probably the largest we found in Vegas after the great and affordable M Resort Buffet and of course the super expensive Bacchanal buffet. If you can go at the ‘cusp’ between breakfast and lunch, you will enjoy a really good breakfast and top it all with some great lunch dishes. This Vegas buffet is the only one offering some amazing made-to-order Thai soups (as well as Chinese soups, of course); after a large meal we always find that sipping a light Thai soup helps the digestion! 



The best Vegas buffets which participate in the all-day buffet pass bonanza are: 


Treasure Island Buffet.   This small but absolutely delightful (and beautiful) buffet started the trend of ‘gourmet’ all-you-can eat restaurants.  The seating is truly beautiful and you will forget that you are in a buffet.  You do feel as if you are in a fancy, modern, spacious, comfortable restaurant.  Some of the dishes, especially in the cold section, are very well prepared and if you like a place where they try and offer something different this is the buffet for you.  Located in the centre-north section of the Strip, if you are here you will only have this buffet as a good choice and, of course, the Mirage; this because the last 3 times we tried the Wynn buffet we were extremely disappointed. 


The Mandalay Bay.  This used to be one of the best buffets in Las Vegas. Gourmet dishes, good quality food, great selection and a fantastic seating area. The seating area is still fantastic, probably one of the most beautiful in Vegas; however, they underwent some management changes in their buffet and, although it’s still a good buffet in general, it’s no longer anywhere near on a par with the very best in Vegas. However, they do offer an all-day pass and amongst those who, it’s still a good choice, especially if you are in the South Strip area. They still offer some quality touches, such as endless blueberries for breakfast, extra virgin olive oil and other high-quality salad dressings (let’s not forget that we want to eat like kings but we want to put good quality food in our bodies, right?), coupled with expensive vegetables such as artichokes (yes, we love our expensive artichokes, which by the way will help you digest the endless amount of food you’ll be eating, and boost your metabolism too!). 


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