Best Smoke-Free Vegas Casinos

Vegas Casinos are fun but if you don't smoke they can be really trying. One of the worst offenders on the Strip is actually Excalibur, which is quite odd since they try and attract a lot of families with children: even though children cannot be anywhere on the casino floor except for the leadways to hotel rooms and restaurants, it is still astonishing to see toddlers being dragged along smoke-filled corridors.

But even if you don't have children it's hard to play in some casinos if you are a non-smoker, unless you want to have a headache in the morning (to say the least).  The following guide, which will increase in detail over time, is through our own experience as non-smokers:

Palazzo Casino:  by far the best Vegas casino if you are a non-smoker. This because they have introduced smoke-free slot sections and you can truly breathe well in those areas!  Venetian has a few sections too, understandably, as they are part of the same complex.

Bellagio Casino:  they don't have non-smoking sections (yet) but they do have very good ventilation and air filtering so you can pretty much be anywhere on the floor and not be inundated with smoke.  It also seems that the clientele here does not smoke quite so much as in other casinos.

Wynn Casino:  as with any high-end casino on the Las Vegas Strip, they have installed excellent air filtering systems and built ceilings high enough for them to work effectively. 

Artisan Hotel (off Strip):  pleasantly a fully non-smoking hotel and resort but they don't have a casino in it.

Worst Offenders (in our opinion):  any downtown Vegas casino and, on the Strip, any 'budget' place (such as Excalibur or even more 'budget' casinos) and, regrettably, even mid-range casinos like Flamingo (where you simply can't breathe no matter how much vanilla sent they pump into the air - perhaps they could limit the Vanilla and improve air quality).  Off Strip, any 'budget' place is absolutely awful if you are a non-smoker, with the exception perhaps of Tuscany Suites (but it's still far from good).  All the "Coast' hotels, despite offering good value for money, are dreadful if you are a non-smoker, especially in the hotel corridors (smokers are placed next to non-smokers without any regard).

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