Best Way to Get to Your Vegas hotel from the airport.



Ok, so you've arrived in Vegas, you're now at the airport and you can't wait to get to your Vegas hotel.  This page tells you the best way to save money and time to reach your Vegas resort from the airport.


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Cabs are useful and they give you a sense of door-to-door service public transport does not give, of course. You can also splash out on a limousine, if you want to arrive in style, though I would recommend you wait for this experience for a time when you are relaxed and ready to ‘hit’ the town. All these options are available when you exit Las Vegas airport from the main arrival terminal (which is actually the domestic arrival terminal and some of the international arrivals – not if you arrive from London UK on a direct flight, it has been our experience, you end up in a secondary terminal where only a few of the main transport services are available) so ask for the main terminal and walk there (it’s a short walk but it’s inconvenient, no doubt, when you have luggage).


Once you are at the main arrival terminal, you will see so many transport options that you won’t have to worry about waiting or spending too much for the trip (the competition is significant). 


Our favorite way to get to our resort from Las Vegas McCarran airport is via the shuttle services:  they are not the ones which some VIP guests are offered from their resort, but the ones which take the regular visitors to ANY main resort, from the closest (such as Mandalay Bay) all the way to the downtown hotels and casinos.  We think it’s the best way to get to your hotel, especially if you are one of the closest hotels from the airport (say South to mid-Strip), since you’ll be one of the first to get off.  The shuttle buses are not huge so they take only a small number of people, which means that the trip won’t be too long and usually the stops will be grouped together.  It’s also fun to share your arrival, when you are excited to be in this really fun place, with other fellow visitors.  Your luggage is taken care of by the driver and all you have to do is sit and wait for the shuttle to reach your hotel destination.  Even if you are going all the way to downtown Vegas, the ride is not too long and you’ll probably only stop a few times on the way.   


You are expected, since it’s Las Vegas, to leave a tip to the driver, but you don’t have to do overboard, since each visitor will leave something and for each route the bus driver is making some really nice tip money.  We are cheap (!), mainly because when we travel to other countries we are never expected to leave a tip so we’ve got well accustomed to not tipping, but we usually leave a dollar or two, depending on how helpful the driver has been with our luggage.  It’s completely up to you, of course. 


Cost :  it changes a little all the time but expect to pay around 7 to 10 dollars for a mid-Strip stop and a little more for a downtown stop.  The Stratosphere is considered downtown, by the way, so you’ll have to pay a little more to get there.  Sometimes we’ve paid as little as 6 dollars, when we were going really close-by (Mandalay Bay, for example).  Prices can go up suddenly, of course, but rest assure that only when cab prices also go up, so the proportions are the same.


Is the taxi cheaper, then?   


Well, we advise that you do the math because if it’s four of you the taxi may be cheaper or the same, so you may opt for a personal service instead, provided you get a large taxi, big enough for all the luggage (some of them have ridiculously small trunks, not suitable for a taxi service, we think).  If you’re travelling solo the shuttle is certainly the most economical way to get to your hotel from Las Vegas McCarran airport; if it’s two visitors we think it’s still cheaper to use the shuttle, especially if you are going to the mid Strip area or downtown; if you are a new visitor, make sure you don’t get ripped off by the usual story that a de-tour is necessary because of some road works or similar.  A very short cab ride should cost you around 12 to 15 dollars (then of course they expect a tip as well, so it all adds up) but it often goes higher than that and we’ve often spent around 20+ dollars for short cab drives (plus tips, even if really small).  So, if it’s two visitors and you’re going a fair distance, the shuttle will be cheaper; if you’re going a short distance I would ask the cab driver and the shuttle clerk upfront before making the choice.  When it’s the two of us we still opt for the shuttle service. 


Do I sound cheap?  Probably!  But we go to Vegas often and we have learnt to make it into a really inexpensive break with lots of fun, rather than having to re-mortgage our house when we return home (which we almost had to do after our first trip to Vegas!).   

If you are not careful, you could spend 20 to 50 dollars a day unnecessarily just in travel, which is silly since that amount would pay for a really nice meal! 


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