Free Wi-Fi on the Vegas Strip.  


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Free Wi-Fi is not something we can take for granted in Vegas.  They try and make you gamble more than anything else; but this is a great list of places you can enjoy yourself and, at the same time, enjoy free Wi-Fi access.


The sad truth about Las Vegas and wireless Internet is that some of the resorts make you pay top price for it, unfairly so, of course.  No matter where you are on the Strip, you will pay for wireless Internet one way or the other, if you want it from the comfort of your own room or suite.  But, and this is key in my opinion, some Vegas Strip hotels include this service in the resort fee, which you have to pay anyway:  since the resort fee varies from 5 to 20 dollars (depending on which resort you are staying), one could say that some Strip hotels offer a good deal, since 24-hour wireless Internet used to be an ugly flat fee of 15 dollars or more.  With the resort fee, not only do you receive the wireless or cable Internet service (many good hotels give you this choice), but you can access the gym for free or at least the cardio room.  We think it’s a good deal, since those 2 services separately would cost you about 30 dollars (or more) per day.  The resorts which ‘bundle’ the use of the Internet with their resort services are mostly the MGM resorts.  The Caesar’s Entertainment resorts in our eexperience make you pay for everything; they don’t charge resort fees, but everything you do besides sleeping and, pretty much, a hefty price tag, including the use of the Internet; in our opinion, far from a good deal.  Other resort groups (such as Stratosphere, Boyd Gaming, the Station casinos, some downtown casinos and so on) tend to offer the user of the Internet ‘bundled’ with their resort fee; in some of them you may get away with not paying for either, just because it’s either in downtown Vegas or some place relatively far from the Strip (but probably well connected with shuttle services anyway).


But where can you actually get wireless Internet for free on the Strip?   


Living in a city where free wireless Internet is truly commonplace, from the airport to most cafes, restaurants, lounges, waiting rooms and so forth, coming to Vegas was a shock for us and, the first few times we ended up purchasing a mobile Internet service to go with our laptop; we were lucky that Las Vegas was covered, more or less, by the service.  However, it was not cheap and we wrecked our brains trying to find places where we could eat, drink or ‘lounge’ whilst working or checking our emails.  It was not easy.  If you are frustrated, we share your frustrations; the Caesar’s Entertainment hotels and resorts are the worst offenders in our opinon and experience.  However, there are places on the Vegas Strip where you can enjoy free wireless Internet.  Amongst those are:


The lobbies and casino areas at the stunning Palazzo and Venetian resort.  Not a bad deal since they have amongst the best Vegas casinos too so, when you’re done with your Internet, you can happily gamble your money away in the same place.


Throughout the resort of the Cosmopolitan Vegas.  Great place to be anyway! 


The food court at the Bally’s. 


The food court at Mandalay Bay (not to be mistaken with the expensive restaurants areas) has wireless Internet; not sure where it comes from since in some areas the signal was weak whilst in some others it was work-able. 


South of the Strip:  one of the most beautiful places I’ve been where I enjoyed unlimited wireless Internet access was the stunning café in front of the giant aquarium at the Silverton hotel and casino.  The café food was delicious, the atmosphere busy but very comfortable, the huge (I mean, huge!) aquarium was a must-see if you like aquariums, and the Internet access was top quality.  Since Silverton is south of the Strip, it’s advisable mostly if you drive or if you catch their shuttle (find out by phoning them); if you plan to use the buses, it’s do-able (we did it!) but there is not direct public bus service and you need to change at the main bus station south of the Strip; therefore, only a trip if you have plenty of time, many days in Vegas and want to do something different.  Having said that, things change all the time and sooner or later there may be a good shuttle service to and from Silverton, hopefully, the way the Gold Coast (for example) and the Orleans have it.   


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Disclaimer: The places nominated above are for informational purposes only. We do not guarantee you will get free Wi-Fi access at any of the locations listed below. This because things can change at a moment's notice, unfortunately.