Best way to get a free upgrade at a Vegas hotel-resort  


How to Get a Free Upgrade in a Las Vegas hotel.  There are several good ways which will give you from 100 per cent to 50 per cent chances of getting a free upgrade to a better room or suite in a Las Vegas hotel; these are:


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We wall want it: to book a great room for a slashed price at a great Vegas resort so that we can splash out our hard-earned cash on pampering ourselves in the fantastic fun (and luxurious) city of Las Vegas. Our most common second wish is, let’s face it, to check in and be given a free upgrade, either a better room or a suite; and, why not? Las Vegas hotels were designed for such ‘treats’ in mind: they make guests feel special and, by doing so, it’s more likely that they will spend what they saved right into the casino! 


There are a few ways to get a free upgrade, from the most obvious to the least, in varying degree of success: 


1 – Checking for online Vegas deals which include a free upgrade.  You can find those on specific sites such as i4vegas or smartervegas or, sometimes, the more generic travel sites.  Alternatively you can sign up with each resort group or hotel and wait for them to email you their deals (which happens often).  Do your math:  sometimes a free upgrade is not a great deal since it’s included in the price and not really the bargain-basement you may be looking for.  But, in my opinion, the niche Vegas sites can offer great deals for those who don’t have many points in their players cards.  This of course guarantees the ‘free’ upgrade.  Make sure you know what type of upgrade you are offered; some are hardly worth the extra dollar whilst others will blow your mind:  read the fine print and ask around if you are not sure (you can also ask us!). 


2 – The one night when you know you’ve gambled a bit too much and accumulated a huge amount of gambling points make sure you rush to either casino marketing (or phone them) the moment they are open:  you can unashamedly ask for a free upgrade on the basis of your reckless gambling or, if you don’t qualify, ask for a free buffet.  They are very helpful (especially at some of the MGM resorts, such as Mandalay Bay) and they do not make you feel bad for asking at all (and you should NOT feel bad, you’ve spent a ton of money in their casino, remember?) 


3 – Showing up last for check in on a busy night.  This is a gamble, of course, and you must only take it in resorts which are likely to be full; you will get a free upgrade or even a mind-blowing suite!  It has happened to us often when we checked in really late.  The downside of this is that it’s not guaranteed success:  if they don’t fully book the ‘regular’ rooms, you may end up in the worst of their ‘regular’ rooms, so think it through and understand which establishment is more likely to do this and which one does not.  This is all about customer service and whether the particular resort ‘needs’ your business or not.  Mirage, for example, which we love, tends to offer very little:  we had to ‘struggle’ to get free buffets despite a good amount of gambling, whilst at Mandalay Bay management are very generous about it, generally speaking (and all Mandalay Bay rooms are extremely beautiful anyway). 


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