How To Win Money In Vegas And How To Avoid Losing Your Shirt!  



We’re avid gamblers and, over the years, we’ve devised ways to increase our chances to win money in Las Vegas casino gambling: above all, a way to avoid losing our hard-earned cash!  


How to Win at Vegas Casinos (click on the underlined words to access our new, updated section).


First of all, in our experience Las Vegas offers, generally speaking, slightly better odds than some of the casinos in our local areas (we are from Canada).  


This because, in our opinion, Las Vegas survives because of the gambling and all the industries connected to it.  Without gambling, the city would not survive.  Thus, although still operating the casinos in a highly profitable manner, it is in their interest to maintain odds which, though of course still in the house’s favor, mean that the percentage of winnings versus losses is slightly higher than (for example) our local BC casinos.  There are rumors maintaining that some casinos offer better odds than others.  We are not sure about that;  it is true that in our experience, there are some casinos where, no matter how recklessly we gambled, we rarely walked away with significant losses (unless of course you gamble your fortune at the roulette table, which we always avoid).  All in all, though, we would say that there generally speaking the odds are the same in every Las Vegas casino. 


The best way to make money whilst gambling in Vegas is by playing Black Jack and any other card game: this is true for both table and card slot games.  You just have better odds, as long as you know how to play these games well; it basically take you longer to lose your shirt, unlike (for example) gambling heavy at the roulette table, where you can just leave with nothing in a short time. Of course, if you exercise caution you can spend a night at the roulette table and not lose much, and this is valid for any casino games. 


But, on average, card games do offer better odds.  The slot machines have been seen as money-eating devices by pretty much everybody.  This is why professional gamblers often avoid slot machines.  Unfortunately for us, we simply love them; we can spend a whole night sitting at various slot machines and, if you don’t exercise some rational thinking, you may walk out hundreds and hundreds of dollars ‘lighter’.   


So, what to do if you are a slot-machine lovers but wish to maximize your chances of winning and, at the very least, you wish to lose as little as possible?

1 – Never stay at a slot machine too long, especially if it does not pay. After a few minutes of slot playing one becomes almost ‘hypnotized’: the sounds, the colors and the images all play together and, if you keep at it without a long pause, your judgment will become impaired and you’ll keep pushing those buttons almost without thinking; this is the most ‘dangerous’ time and you can lose large amounts of money during this period. Moreover, rumors are that slot machines are programmed in ‘waves’ and, when it is in a ‘low-paying’ wave, you may have to lose a lot of money before getting some back. 

2 – Try to go to slots positioned in highly-trafficked areas: rumors are that these are programmed to attract more players and watching people win is supposed to make one’s mind want to play, especially if you are passing by from your buffet on the way out or on your way to your room. However, the most recent machines are programmed to make highly attractive sounds and show highly attractive images and, even if their pay-outs are low, the passer-by may think otherwise. 


3 – Don’t be fooled by bells and whistles but always check the payouts each time:  sometimes it sounds as if you are winning the jackpot whilst in fact you’ve only made 50 cents! 


4 – Take a breath between each slot ‘bet’ (don’t push buttons too quickly):  this will help you keep some rational thinking and maintain some judgment over what you’re doing. 


About those having ‘systems’:  there’s a say amongst casino visitors, namely that a casino ‘loves a fool with a system’.  I still remember, years ago, following a friend who insisted he had a ‘system’ to win at the roulette:  technically speaking, if one followed the ‘system’ to the end you would have to win but, before winning, you would have to double your bet to levels which almost no-one can reach.   


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