How to receive Free Stuff in Vegas


Vegas on the cheap or Vegas for free:  this is what you must do if you want to spend nothing or very little in Las Vegas.


Our full, updated section on how to get free stuff in Vegas is on this page.


If you are an avid gambler you may tend to blow more money than you should right at the beginning of your stay, and then be left with a very limited budget. But, even if you are a modest gambler, you will find it hard to keep to a tight budget once you arrive in Vegas: the many Vegas attractions are enticing and expensive and, if you really want to treat yourself, cash will leave your wallet or purse faster than you think.


It may be a very good idea, therefore, to learn to mix the various Vegas activities you are going to undertake with those which are completely free or cost very little money:  you will see your money stretch to the very end of your holiday and even return with a few dollars more than you had expected! For example, if you are into shows, finding discounted Vegas show tickets will be an important way to enjoy the many Vegas show at a reasonable price.


But what about the free stuff?  

Yes, there is still plenty of ‘free stuff’ in Vegas and many ways to get a good deal.  After all, that’s what Vegas is all about:  a way to lure people through the many deals and ‘freebies’, in the hope that these happy visitors will leave all their cash in the casino. The following is a list of Vegas free deals you can obtain with ease:


1 - Free Stuff through the Players’ Card.  If you are newbie you must sign up for a players’ card in every casino chain you walk into, from Wynn’s to the MGM group to Caesar’s Entertainment, to Boyd Gaming and so on; every single time you sign up for a new players card you will be given something for free, such as free play or a T-Shirt all the way to 2 free buffets (by the way, free play means that you will be given a gambling credit, usually from 10 to 25 dollars).  If you have already signed up to all the players’ card programs in Vegas, you can still choose your casino chain and play at that one only, in order to accumulate points to reach the next ‘threshold of free stuff’.  However, be careful to ask what you will get and how much you will have to play before you get it:  in many places it’s just not worth playing for anything that they can offer you afterwards (in fact, the best you can get is a ‘comped’ (= free) room only during specific dates). 


2 – Enjoy the free Vegas attractions.   They are so many free things to do in Vegas that, if you don’t want to spend a cent, you will still be able to pack a plethora of activities during your stay.  A list of free Vegas attractions is on this page.


3 – Local Vegas newspapers and free local Vegas magazines.  Although some local newspapers target mainly locals when it comes to freebies in Vegas, you can still find worthwhile coupons for buffets and restaurants.   Once we found a buffet coupon for 1 dollar per person!  Some Free Vegas magazines with coupons are ‘Showbiz’, ‘What’s on’ and ‘24/7’.  You can find these magazines pretty much everywhere around town, even somewhere in your own resort.   


4 – Las Vegas Coupon Books.  These are actual ‘books’, sometimes named coupon books and other times named ‘fun books’, full of coupons with discounted entrances to events, restaurants, shows and stores.  You can get these coupon books either at check-in (each casino chain has its own coupon book but you will not receive it at ‘high-end’ resorts such as Bellagio’s, Wynn’s, Four Seasons!) or you can find the ‘general ones’ pretty much anywhere in Las Vegas, including inside cabs or taxis.  Not all of them have coupons worth using, but there is always something for everybody, even if it’s just a free drink or a free entrée. 


5 – Las Vegas hotel ‘promo codes’.  These are promotions which are identified by the marketing department of each records via different ‘codes’; they refer to online promotions and you can find hundreds of them every time.  These promo codes offer discounted rooms, discounted shows, discounted or free meals, free spa entrances and so on.  They have a limited life-span and expire all the time, so the key is to keep an eye out for new ones just before you are about to plan your trip to Vegas.  Do not be fooled by the many websites saying that they have access to special promo codes:  it is not the case at all and you can get all the promo codes you need by signing up to each casino marketing website and allow them to send them to you by email.  The only 2 websites with ‘unique’ (and decent) Vegas promo codes are i4Vegas and Smartervegas; the best website where you can find a collection of all the latest and best Vegas promo codes is ‘fatwallet’ (make sure you type Las Vegas deals and get to the latest thread).   We do include some worthwhile promotions codes (always check the latest posted) in our own forum (in the section ‘hotel deals’).


6 – The American Casino Guide.  Some websites are plugging it as a must-have, as a book (you have to buy it) with hundreds and hundreds of promotion codes and coupons to last a lifetime of Vegas visits.  This book does offer a huge list of coupons for all gambling areas of the United States and of course it includes Las Vegas, but Vegas is only a section and if you are only interested in Vegas you may not find buying this ‘guide’ the best option for you. However, if you plan to use all their coupons it will definitely be worth your while even if you are only staying in Vegas (after all, you can probably sell the rest of the book to someone who’s interested in a different area).  So, before you rush to buy it, go through their 2011 coupons and see if they are something you want to use:  very professionally, they do publish all their coupons so you can evaluate for yourself if it’s worth buying the Casino Guide or not.  Their list of coupons is found on this page


7 - Attend timeshare sales presentations or sales tours.  If you are thick-skinned, you can eat for free or watch shows for free as long as you attend a two-hour timeshare sales presentation or timeshare sales tour; it's advisable only if you have plenty of spare time on your hand and if you are truly thick-skinned when it comes to sales pitches, since these are amongst the heaviest you can imagine.  Find out more on this page.