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Vegas Show Tickets:  the All-Stage-Pass

What is the ‘ All Stage Pass’?  


It’s a show-pass which, for a fixed price, allows you to see as many as 18 performances in forty-eight hours in Las Vegas, as long as they are playing at the Caesars Entertainment Resorts (namely Bally’s, Harrah’s, Flamingo, Rio, Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood, Imperial Palace, Bill Gambling’s Hall and O’Shea).  If you are a Total Rewards member you can just ‘charge’ your card and have it swiped at the box office of your chosen show to collect your tickets.  If you don’t have the total rewards card they will give you a ‘pass card’ or a wristband (whichever you choose). 


When does the pass expire? 


The All Stage Pass has a life of forty-eight hours from the moment of purchase, so you must do your math well and plan all your show viewings flawlessly to maximize the benefits of this program.   


How much does it cost? 


$99+taxes+fees per person with the Total Rewards Card and $119+taxes+fees per person without the Total Rewards Card.  (Always double-check prices in case there is a last-minute price change). 


Where can I buy the All Stage Pass? 


You can the pass at Shows Tickets Direct (in front of Bally’s), at the Planet Hollywood Box office and at the Caesars Palace lobby sales desk. 


Picking up your tickets: 


Once you have bought the pass, you will still have to pick up your tickets for each chosen show; you can do so no earlier than 2 hours before the performance is scheduled to start (just present your Total Rewards Card + ID or your wristband/pass card + ID).  If you have a wristband, make sure it’s intact (it has not been tampered with, otherwise it’ll be void).  Remember that if go to pick up your ticket even one minute after your show pass has expired, you will not be given the ticket.  So, if you see there are long line-ups, make sure you give yourself plenty of time in order to not be disappointed.  This is probably the ‘trickiest’ part of this program.  Forty-eight hours is really a limited time and you will only be able to see a limited number of the shows amongst the ones available.  So, do your math, plan well and see if it’s still worth your while. 


Can You Choose the Seats? 


No.  All seats are based on a first-come first-served basis, as with all the ‘regular’ shows at the various resorts. 


Can you see the same shows twice? 


No.  You can as many as 18 shows of a selected list, but you cannot pick up more than one ticket per person (per pass) for participating shows starting at the same time; basically, the same person cannot see the same shows twice under this program).   


Can you see absolutely every show playing in Las Vegas? 

No.  Besides the fact that this program covers only what’s playing at the Caesars Entertainment resorts, the very top-billed performances do not participate in this ‘pass’ program anyway.  You can view a list of participating shows at the bottom of this page.


What about the ‘Preferred Pricing’ Shows?   


The most popular performances and events do not participate in the All Stage Pass program; however, some of them offer a ‘preferred pricing’ fare; this means that if you have bought your 48-hour show pass you will be able to purchase tickets for these popular performances at a reduced rate.  The reduced rate is usually $40+taxes per ticket (always double-check pricing when you buy your all-stage-pass).   


What if I have half-price shows coupons or two-for-one shows coupons? Can I combine them with the 48-hour All Stage pass for even further reductions? 


No.  You cannot combine this program with any other special deals available for Las Vegas shows.