Vegas with Children. Tips for families going to Las Vegas.   

'Can I bring children to Vegas?"  This question is asked all the time.  So, we've decided to write about the best way to enjoy your holiday if you are going to Las Vegas with children or as a whole family. How to make your Vegas break enjoyable for every member of your family and... whether it's the best thing to do for you! 

We have a dedicated section on what to do in Vegas for families (click on the underlined words to access the section).


If you are a Vegas lover and you can’t (or won’t) leave the very young members of your family back home, you will have to organize your trip to Vegas in a way that you can still enjoy it and so will your children. It’s not as easy as you may think so a bit of pre-planning is necessary. This city is not the ideal holiday for youngsters no matter how much you may want to think so. If you love Vegas as an adult but need or want to take the whole family, it’s helpful to realize that it’s a compromise which requires good planning and fore-thinking.  

BUT: if you follow these guidelines you can have a great time as a family in Las Vegas and, at the same time, will help all other visitors enjoy their time too!   

1) Children are not allowed in the casinos under any circumstance. If you are walking with a child, you may walk through it (stay on the specific outlined path), but you absolutely can not stop anywhere to play, not even for one minute. Just to give you an example, you cannot even stop at the Players’ Club booth if you are with a minor. Casinos are for adults only and this rule helps adults enjoy their adult environment. Moreover, it also prevents minors from being exposed to an unsuitable environment (with is very often filled with smoke besides all other adult-only themes). So, this law is truly better for everybody. 

2) If you can afford it, bring your nanny/baby-sitter or au-pair with you to Vegas; if this is not an option for you, perhaps you can use a local baby-sitting service for a few hours a day (make sure you use a reputable service, perhaps recommended by the resort you are staying in – I would contact them before arriving so that I would have all my options ready). Alternatively, you could ask a trusted member of your extended family and, in exchange for all expenses paid, he/she may be happy to travel with you and take care of the minors whilst you are giving you and your spouse some adult time in Las Vegas. Otherwise you may have to stay in your room or suite after the young ones go to bed; some choose to force them to stay up way past their bed-time: as you know, this is not only bad for them but, realistically, it will definitely limit your night-time options! I would not recommend it!  

3) If you can, it is probably advisable to stay off the Strip at a non-casino property, at a place like Signature Vegas or The Hotel or, if you are on a limited budget, like Desert Rose. Casinos, the sounds and music on the Strip (and the huge crows) provide over-stimulation for everybody and the kids will find it overwhelming most times. Moreover, walking along the Strip is a challenge for everybody, let alone those with minors.  

4) Don’t push the kids to do things when they are tired.  You may want to see the Bellagio fountains right now, but if they are cranky you will not enjoy it as much and nor will anybody else around you.  It’s best to let them nap and bring them alone when they are ready for it.   

5) Do take the kids to child-oriented areas such as the Circus Circus theme park (they have excellent rides for all ages), so that their needs are met too. 

6) Keep your children's regular bedtime. Maintain the schedule your kids are used to. If they go to bed at 8.30pm, make sure that’s what they do on holiday too. It will help them maintain their physiological balance and, therefore, help you enjoy your holiday. 

7) Remember that many areas in the tourist zone in Vegas won’t be ideal if you have a stroller and it’ll be easier to ditch it altogether. Carrying a stroller everywhere will seriously limit your options and definitely slow you down.  Remember that it's a highly crowded place.

8) Prepare your kids for the adult nature of Vegas. There will be images of naked women pretty much anywhere, for example. Drunk people and drunken scenes.  And, of course, there will be a huge amount of smoking pretty much everywhere, including in some so-called smoke-free areas (by the way, the Palazzo casino does uniquely offer some smoke-free sections).  As per the adult-oriented themes, you may need to prepare your children for it to prevent them from being perhaps psychologically affected by it prematurely. 

All in all, we would not recommend Vegas for children younger than 13.  Vegas is a place where you let yourself go in all aspects, not Disneyworld, a place where adults find a piece of paradise for adult fun, extravagant behaviour or even special relaxation and pampering.  Perhaps living your children with trusted relatives and letting yourselves go as adults is the best way to go!

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