The secret to ‘Comped’ Rooms in Vegas:  how to stay in a top resort for free    


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Everybody wants to enjoy Las Vegas and all the great things it has to offer at the lowest possible price? Why not? In the ‘good old days’ many guests were wined and dined at the hotel’s expense, as a way to lure them into their casinos!


Today it’s different.  Not everybody gambles in Vegas and resorts are no longer willing to give too much for free.  However, Vegas is still the city where you can enjoy large quantities of gastronomic delights for the lowest price; watch a series of top-rated shows all in the same week (where else can you do this?) and, of course stay at the most luxurious resorts for a fraction of the price they would cost anywhere else. 


That is why we still go to Vegas as often as we can; in this great city everybody can be pampered in luxury at affordable prices, and that’s what makes Vegas such a unique destination catering to those who want fun, excitement or just relax and pampering. 


The secret is, of course, to start your stay in a ‘comped’ room or suite (comped is a casino marketing term which basically means completely free of charge).  The irony is that if you are treated to a ‘comped’ room or suite, you will automatically be treated as VIP or ‘upgraded’ guest too:  this means no line-up, special treatment in the check-in VIP lounges, and option to stay at their very best rooms or suites for free.  More often than not, when you received a ‘comped’ stay offer, this is also accompanied by other ‘freebies’ such as free-play (which can be a significant amount, last time for us was 100 dollars), 2 for 1 buffet offers (or 2 free buffets, or 2 free buffet passes, depending on which resorts you stay in), free spa passes (and in some resorts these are worth a small fortune!) and other ‘treats’ to make you, the guest, feel really special. 


We love it.  Who wouldn’t?   Where else do have a chance to enjoy a 5+ diamond resort and all it has to offer for free?  Only in Las Vegas. 


The ‘secret’ to being comped in Vegas .   


The best way to received comped hotel rooms and other free things in Vegas is through your Players Card, which you sign up for once (any casino has a players card kiosk) and insert in every slot machine you play without exception (or have the table  hosts register if you play table games).  I stay this upfront so it’s clear:  you do NOT have to gamble insane amounts of money to received comp offers.  In fact, you can gamble as spend as little as 20 dollars and receive comp offers; at the same time, you could lose 200 dollars in 5 minutes and receive no comp offers at all; why? 


This is because what is being calculated is (from our own deduction due to personal experience) the amount of time spent playing (without significant breaks) and the amount of money you ‘recycle’ (I will explain this in my next paragraph) when doing so.  Basically, if you sit at slot machines (for example) for 3 hours and play no-stop (you can change machine, of course, from time to time) you will receive comp offers by the resort group where you have been playing, even if you leave the machine with more money than you started; for clarity purposes, I call this ‘recycling’ money:  using the same money over and over accumulating points without actually spending any money.  During my stays in Vegas, I will spend one night doing so to make sure I receive the next set of comp offers for my next Vegas stay:  I usually start with one hundred dollars and I ‘recycle’ that money (so I will stay at slot machines or games which will allow me to do so without losing significant amounts of money) for about 3 hours (sometimes longer – one night I recycled my 100 dollars until 6 in the morning!). 


I often walk away with at least 50 dollars which means that I will have spent 50 dollars only whilst having fun at the slots and of course, equally importantly, having gained a good enough time/points ratio score to be able to receive all the offers I want.  It’s fun and it works out a better deal than having to pay for those high-end resorts myself.  As I write this I have just received several nights stay (completely ‘comped’ at both Bellagio and Venetian.  The best of the best.  If you are wondering how you can play without spending any significant amounts of money whilst accumulating enough points in the right way so that you do get 'comped', I have explained this on how to gamble in Vegas.


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