Winning a Million Dollars in Vegas: the Free Way to do it.  

We all go to Vegas with the deep-down desire to return with much more cash than we arrived with.  Well, some of the free games available on the Strip (for example), may just do that for you!  These are the ones which may do it.   

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You don’t have to rush into a casino in order to dream about becoming rich. Las Vegas has all sorts of ‘money attractions’ designed to entice you to a specific casino, or designed to be the ‘buzz’ in town and receive plenty of publicity. Sometimes, giving away one million dollars is a much cheaper way to attract new customers than one would think! 

These games are usually free slot spins (the slot machines are huge and placed outside a specific resort or area) or free turns of giant wheels; either type will, if pick the best ones, give you a chance to become a millionaire or to walk away with a very nice prize.   

One of my favorites was at the Wynn resort, ‘famous’ for dishing out (besides the top head-spinning cash giveaway) very nice, very ‘classy’ prizes (it was almost guaranteed that you’d win a free buffet at the Wynn for 2 people, worth quite a bit of money actually and well worth the trip to play the wheel at the Wynn); if you were lucky you could win a lot of cash, luxurious vacations, free stays and so forth, including plenty of free gambling play (namely, the easiest way to make sure you win money).  The Wynn’s wheel gave me and my friends so much free play that we ‘scored’ hundreds and hundreds of dollars:  a good day in Vegas.  Unfortunately such ‘bonanza’ was limited to first-time registered; seasoned players would have to accumulate a certain amount of play points before having another chance to walk away with great prizes. 

But which ones are the best ones to play right now?  You will find several wheel machines in public areas, often in front of casinos.  They are designed to entice you into the casino.  Most of them will allow you to win something no matter what; it is therefore always worth playing, especially because it takes seconds to play and then you can go on with enjoying Vegas.  Some of them, though, are designed to make you go back every day and, most likely than not, will give away enough money to make it worthwhile. 

One of the most popular at present is the one million-dollar-giveaway game run by Planet Hollywood, placed more or less at the entrance, on the Strip side.  The great aspect of this game is that you can play it once a day (not limited to first-time registered only) and… Everyone’s a winner, and prizes are from a chocolate treat at Caesar’s Palace, to a great Norwegian Cruise, to lots of freeplay, to the sought-after one million dollars giveaway.  Excellent opportunity to have fun and have a chance at winning one million dollars:  the odds are better than playing the lottery and, even better than that, it does not cost you anything! 


The ones I truly dislike are the free wheels or slot plays giving almost everybody from 50 to 100 dollars free-play; in theory it’s a fantastic prize but in reality you are limited to which slot machines you can play (it’s usually the oldest, ugliest and most boring slot machines, in my opinion ‘fixed’ so that you spend long stretches of time in front of them winning absolutely nothing); a true waste of time, I think. In our experience we have found one such time-wasting ‘money-giveaway’ game in the Casino Royale area (outside, on the Strip) and one inside ‘Hooters’.  As I write this they may no longer be running (though the former seems to be running all the time), but last time we visited we wasted enough time to know not to be sucked into going back; you play and play and play and win nothing at all; you end up staying one hour and all they seem to hope for is that you end up playing at their 'real' slot machines in the end, gambling your hard-earned cash. 

In my opinion, the classiest casinos do not have such bad 'games' or 'ploys'; if they did, they would lose plenty of return customers and would have to rely only on the naïve first-timers.  As we know, things are tough so the classiest places want you and me to go back over and over and, because the prizes are usually worth the trip, we return, over and over:  a win/win situation for all involved.

More ways to get free stuff in Vegas are highlighted on the page HOW TO GET FREE STUFF IN VEGAS.  Sorry for the repetition!