Cheap, Inexpensive yet Nice Hotels and Resorts in Las Vegas

If you want a nice hotel at a cheap rate the best choices on the Strip are Monte-Carlo (good location too, right in front of Planet Hollywood and next to City-Centre, but really worn out lately), followed by, perhaps, Harrah's . Bally's is fine but preferably so if you manage to secure a remodeled room; the old rooms are great in that they are HUGE, but if you want a top-quality mattress on which you can rest after a busy day, you won't find it in the 'old' rooms. Flamingo is partially remodeled, set in a great location too.  Quad is the talk of the town among young Vegas visitors on a budget.  More on all of this, including some off-Strip mega-deals, on our main section, named Cheap Hotels in Vegas.

Slightly more expensive but still a great deal are Luxor and, these days, New York New York (but the rooms at NYNY can be very small though very nice and modern). Mandalay Bay offers fantastic deals (about 69 dollars on average or even less if you get a great deal, unless they host a major event, of course) for the fantastic rooms they have (top quality, large, sheer luxury) - it's South Strip, though, and some people only want the central locations, which is strange because you can move South to Centre Strip really easily.

Excalibur is the cheapest and it's a great deal if you get one of the best remodeled rooms, though the rooms in Tower 1 have also been remodeled lately somewhat.  Otherwise it's not so great and of course it's chaotic, noisy, filled with smoke; they do offer one of the best gyms in Vegas, though, especially if you consider that it’s free for guests and that it truly offers all types of machine for all types of needs, which is a rarity in Vegas.

Slightly off Strip you have Rio (good value for money but lately, oh my, what a shame, more on this on Which Vegas Hotel and on our Rio Video) and next to it it's Gold Coast, excellent value for money; they both have frequent shuttles to mid Strip so the location is fine.

Mirage is excellent in so many ways (especially if you love going to the pool), and it's more or less in the price range of Mandalay Bay. Treasure Island also offers fantastic deals these days although its rooms are a little small I think although very nice.

Stratosphere offers good deals and it has large rooms, all nicely appointed, but it's North Strip, of course.

Downtown the best value for money, especially considering the large, nice rooms you will enjoy, couples with decent services such as a good exercise room open 24 hours and plenty of other services worthy or a 'resort', is El Cortez. There's another hotel in the heart of the old 'downtown Vegas' which has really nice rooms these days, recently all remodeled: the Golden Gate; however, their rooms are very small.  Main Street Station is a beautiful hotel (still in the downtown Vegas area, just slightly before if you come from the Strip) which often has great deals.  We stayed in a huge room each time we booked there, and it was truly tastefully decorated.

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